“Halloween Giveaway”

Spend $50 or more between now and Oct 29th and you will be
entered for a chance to win a Dragon Breath kit with a special decal package. Drawing will be Oct 31st


"Shipping cost."

If we find that you where charged more than what it cost to ship your item, we will refund the difference.

New Kit "Dragon Slayer" the perfect Level 1 Kit.

New kit Dragon Tail and 1.64 dia Blue Bird Zero

Added Top Flight Chutes and Aero Pack Retainers to the inventory

We have added Fin Guides to our Dragon Parts.

We have added a new kit. Dragon Claw.

Coming Soon

American Raven

4" Dia, 78.8" tall, 54mm motor mount, dual deployment. This kit will include custom decals.

Laser Cutting and Engraving Services

Looking to have some custom laser cut parts. Check out our Laser Work page

Modular Electronics Bays

We have different sizes. 38mm, 2.56", 3" and 3.9". The one in the picture is Ver 2 of our 3.9"x8" electronics bay. This one has a few changes from our ver 1. We took some advice from our customers and made improvements to the old style.


Scott Kissinger

I am not just the owner, I am also one that likes to build and fly rockets